1998 Caucus

The first annual Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus at the nineteenth Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association conference, Holiday Inn Plaza, Lubbock, TX, January 29–31, 1998.

Area Chair: Robert G. Weiner.


Stephen Allen. “Across the Lazy River.”

Jay Bawcom. “Romanticism and the Grateful Dead.”

Annissa Craghead. “‘Laid My Proposition Down / Laid It on the Line’: Gambling and the Story­teller in Robert Hunter’s Lyrics.”

Seth Davis. “Group Improvisation and Composition in the Grateful Dead’s Music.”

Natalie J. Dollar. “Now that the Singer is Gone, Where Shall I Go For the Song?”

John R. Dwork. “The Field Trip: Revisiting August 27, 1972.” (Read by Robert G. Weiner)

Granville Ganter. “Grateful Dead and the Sound of Enthusiasm.”

Mary Goodenough. “The Grateful Dead Experience: A Rite of Passage in Modern Society.”

Joseph H. Holt. “The Ripple Effect.”

Joseph P. Noonan, III. “Philosophical Taoism and the Grateful Dead.”

Chris Norden. “Contrapuntal Humanism: The Grateful Dead as a Paradigm for a Multiculturalized Liberal Arts Education.”

Shaugn O’Donnell. “Space, Motion and Other Musical Metaphors.”


Special Session

“Poetry of the Grateful Dead.” Chair: Robert G. Weiner. Panelist: Robert Cooperman.