1999 Meeting

The second annual Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus at the twentieth Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association conference, Sheraton Old Town, Albuquerque, NM, February 25–27, 1999.

Area Chair: Robert G. Weiner.


Stephen Allen. “‘Farewell to You, Old Southern Skies.’”

Barry Barnes. “Deadhead: Logistics of a Rock and Roll Legend.”

Vaughan Black. “The Grateful Dead and American Legal Culture.”

James Revell Carr. “Deadhead Tales of the Supernatural: A Folkloristic Analysis.”

Robert Cooperman. “Grateful Dead Poetry.”

Christian Crumlish. “‘And I Done Some Time’: Bobby Petersen’s Influence on the Drifter Mys­tique in Grateful Dead Texts.”

Horace L. Fairlamb. “Deadly Beauty.”

William Gillespie. “The Grateful Dead Aesthetic: Hyper-Reality in Hyper-Space.”

Mary Goodenough. “Grateful Dead New Year’s: Reenactment of the Myth of Eternal Return.”

David Habbel. “The Grateful Dead and Mass Organization of Personal Ecstasy and Transcen­dence.”

Alan R. Lehman. “‘If I knew the Way’: A Grateful Dead Potpourri.”

Mark Lewandowski. “The Outsider’s Journey in the Lyrics of Robert Hunter.”

Timothy Lynch. “‘Half a Mile From Tucson by the Morning Light’: Images of the American West in the Music of the Grateful Dead.”

Mary Ann Martinez. “‘Dupree Come Out with a Losing Hand’: Fate and Fatalism in the lyrics of Robert Hunter.”

Nicholas Meriwether. “Robert Hunter and William Faulkner: Inspiration, Influence, and ‘Must Have Been the Roses’.”

Chris Norden. “‘Gone Are the Days’: Neo-Orality and the Restoration of Community in Native American Novels and the Grateful Dead: An Ecological Perspective.”

Shaugn O’Donnell. “Bobby, Bela, and Igor: Borrowings in ‘Victim or the Crime’.”

Dale Osofsky. “The Resacralization of American Culture: Lord Buckley, Jerry Garcia, ‘the Naz,’ and ‘Ripple’.”

Daphne Shafer. “Fire Motifs in the Music of the Grateful Dead.”

Lans Smith. “Remembering the Dead.”

Shan Sutton. “The Deadhead Community: Popular Religion in Contemporary American Culture.”

Mark Tursi. “Deconstructing Dead Heads: Interpretive Insights and Creative Hermeneutics.”