2000 Meeting

The third annual Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus at the twenty-first Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association conference, Sheraton Old Town, Albuquerque, NM, February 9–12, 2000.

Area Chair: Robert G. Weiner.


Stephen Allen. “‘Farewell To You, Old Southern Skies’.”

Barry Barnes. “The Grateful Dead: An Improvisational Business Model.”

Gary Burnett. “Information Exchange in a Virtual Tape Trading Community.”

James Revell Carr. “Drum Circles: Participatory Music Making and the Deadhead Aesthetic.”

Richard Garvey. “Subcultures, An Interactional Perspective: The Case for the Grateful Dead and Phish.”

William Gillespie. “Where Have All the Deadheads Gone? The Evolution of the Deadhead Com­munity from Muir Beach to Gerlach.”

Mary Goodenough. “‘And My Friends They Come Around’: Celebration of Life and Death with the Grateful Dead.”

Joseph H. Holt. “Crowned Anarchy: Songs, Segues, and a Spirituality Without Resolution.”

Alan R. Lehman. “In the Spirit? A Critique of Wendy Weir’s Book.”

Marjorie Luesebrink. “The Singing Novel: Califia and the Grateful Dead.”

David Malvinni. “Improvisation, ‘Drumz,’ and ‘The Eleven’.”

Sue M. Marcus. “Playing in the Band: How Predictable Are the Grateful Dead?”

Lans Smith. “Remembering the Dead: Princeton, 1971.”

Barry Smolin. “Spawn of the Dead: Contemporary Jam-Rock/Gobi.”

Matthew C. Tift. “Playing in the Band: The Grateful Dead and Musicking.”

Robert G. Weiner. “A Discussion of Grateful Dead Literature.”