2001 Meeting

The fourth annual Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus at the twenty-second Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association conference, Sheraton Old Town and Best Western Motor Inn, Albuquerque, NM, March 7–10, 2001.

Area Co-chairs: Barry Barnes and Robert G. Weiner.


Rebecca Adams. “Deadheads: Community, Spirituality, and Friendship.”

Kay Alexander. “Teaching the Dead: Process, Problems, Perspectives.”

Stephen Allen. “‘I’m On My Way’.”

Barry Barnes. “Drop-Dead Customer Service: A Case Study of the Grateful Dead.”

Gary Burnett. “Creativity, Conflict, and Community: Dimensions of Online Deadhead Culture.”

James Revell Carr. “‘Listen to the River’: The Grateful Dead in the Continuum of Folk Music.”

Natalie J. Dollar. “Place, Space, and Deadheads’ Communication Code.”

Horace L. Fairlamb. “Psychedelic Iconography: The Art of Rick Griffin.”

Rick Garvey. “The Recording of Live Shows as a Basis of Subcultural Growth: The Case of the Grateful Dead and Phish.”

Mary Goodenough. “Grateful Rites of Passage: Deadhead Initiation.”

David Habbel. “‘Looking at You Looking at Me’: A Review of Deadhead Social Science.”

Alan R. Lehman. “The Hero with a Million Faces: The Grateful Dead’s Return to Myth.”

David Malvinni. “‘A Rare and Different Tune’: Orchestrating ‘Terrapin’.”

Sue M. Marcus. “Statistics from the Phil Zone.”

Nicholas G. Meriwether. “Innocence and Experience in the Grateful Dead: A Reading of Stuart Hampshire.”

Jon Ney. “‘Terrapin Station’: A Postmodern Journey into the Infinite.”

Lewis Sanders. “Spiritual Essence of the Grateful Dead.”

Lans Smith. “An American Nekyia: The Grateful Dead and the Descent to the Underworld.”

Barry Smolin. “Acid Test to Rave: The Evolution of the Techno/Jam Hybrid.”

Stanley J. Spector. “Who Is Dionysus and Why Does He Keep Following Me Everywhere?”

Matthew C. Tift. “How Do the Grateful Dead and Deadheads ‘Mean’?”

James A. Tuedio. “The Grateful Dead Parallax.”

Robert G. Weiner. “A Discussion of Recent Grateful Dead Literature.”



“Sustaining the Grateful Dead Community with Digital Technology.” Chair: Gary Burnett. Panelists: Mary Eisenhart, David Lemieux, Steve Silberman, Barry Smolin.

“Writing History: Ensuring a Legacy for the Grateful Dead.” Chair: Robert G. Weiner.  Panelists: Rebecca Adams, Nicholas Meriwether, Steve Silberman.