2005 Meeting

The eighth annual Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus at the twenty-seventh Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association conference, Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM, February 9–12, 2005.

Area Cochairs: Melinda L. Belleville and Gary D. Burnett.


Kay Alexander. “Skulls and Roses Through the Ages: A Research Review.”

Melinda Belleville. “Analysis of Bruce Hornsby’s ‘Sunflower Cat (One Dour Cat) (Down With That)’ and Why Sample the Grateful Dead’s ‘China Cat Sunflower.’”

Gary Burnett. “Beyond Description: Some Reflections on Reissues.”

James Revell Carr. “‘The Fields Are Full of Dancing’: Intimacy, Interaction, and Introspection in the Dance Styles of Deadheads.”

Christian Crumlish. “‘Hey, are You Xian at Netcom dot com?’ Deadhead Culture and Online Community.”

Jennifer Davis. “‘Crank Up That Old Victrola’: The Grateful Dead Sounds of Music History.” (Read by Melinda Belleville.)

Alan R. Lehman. “Blows Against the Empire.”

Eric F. Levy. “‘How [Did] the Song Go?’ Tracing the Roots of the Grateful Dead’s Cover Songs.”

Mark A. Mattson. “Human Error and Creative Variation in the Music of the Grateful Dead.”

Peter Sawyer. “The Spiritual Nature of the Grateful Dead Experience.”

Barry Smolin. “Gone Phishin’: The Present and Future of the Jamband Scene in the Post-Phish Era.”

Stanley J. Spector. “It All Rolls Into One: Rapture, Dionysus, Nietzsche, and the Grateful Dead.”

James A. Tuedio. “Normalization, Exclusion, and Excess: Constructing Community in Grateful Dead Space.”

Mark Tursi. “Grateful Simulations: Jean Baudrillard, Dark Star Orchestra, and the Legacy of Imitation.”

Roundtable Discussions

“Women and the Grateful Dead.” Chair: Kay Alexander. Panelists: Rebecca G. Adams, Melinda Belleville, Carrie Adler.

“Improvising a Career: Lessons from the Grateful Dead.” Chair: Barry Barnes. Panelists: Peter Sawyer, Barry Smolin.

“An American Band: The Grateful Dead, Patriotism, and Dissent.” Chair: Robert Weiner. Panelists: James Revell Carr, Alan Lehman, David Gans.

“Ten Years On: Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, Where We’re Going.” Chair: Gary Burnett. Panelists: Eric F. Levy, Peter Sawyer, David Gans.

“Postmodern Interpretations of the Deadhead Community.” Chair: Rebecca G. Adams. Panelists: Stanley J. Spector, James A. Tuedio, Mark Tursi, Gary Burnett.

Special Session

“A Screening of the Documentary Film Dreadheads.” Chair: Gary Burnett. Panelist: Steve Hurlburt.