2006 Meeting

The ninth annual Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus at the twenty-eighth Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association conference, Hyatt Regency, Albuquerque, NM, February 8–11, 2006.

Area Chair: Gary D. Burnett.


Rebecca G. Adams. “Mourning for Jerry Garcia.”

Barry Barnes. “Collective Improvisation in Organizations: Lessons from the Dead.”

Gary Burnett. “Of Wikis, Archives, and Information: The Challenges of an Online Grateful Dead Community.”

Christian Crumlish. “Get Back Blogging On: A Survey of Grateful Dead-Related Blogs.”

Steve Davis. “Mendocino Dreamin’: The Origins of the Sir Douglas Quintet.”

David Gans. “Playing in the Band: Online Memories of Jerry Garcia.”

Amanda Hirsh. “The Grateful Dead’s Anti-Structural Phenomenon: Creating and Negotiating Communitas Through Music and Improvisation.”

Eric F. Levy. “‘When the Secrets All Are Told and the Petals All Unfold’: Joycean Epiphany in Hunter/Garcia’s ‘Wharf Rat.’”

Mark E. Mattson. “Human Error and Creative Variations in the Music of the Grateful Dead: ‘Here Comes Sunshine’ (1973–74).”

Nicholas G. Meriwether. “Forensic Oral History: Raising the Dead.”

Adam Perry. “My First Dead Show.” (Read by Gary Burnett)

James A. Tuedio. “‘And Then Flew On’: Improvisational Moments of Rhizomatic Assemblage in Grateful Dead Musical Experience.”

Mark Tursi. “‘Crying Leonardo Words From Out a Silk Trombone’: Surrealist Impulses and Consensus Consciousness.”


Roundtable Discussions

“Postmodern Crossings: Nomad Music, the X-Factor, and Grateful Dead Communitas.”  Chair: Nicholas G. Meriwether. Panelists: Stanley J. Spector, James A. Tuedio.

“Mixed Marriages: Deadheads and Non-Deadheads.” Chair: Rebecca G. Adams. Panelists: Christian Crumlish, Kathy Burnett, Eric F. Levy.

“Tribute and Anti-Tribute Songs.” Chair: Christian Crumlish. Panelists: David Gans, Gary Burnett.