2007 Meeting

Poster by Ken Schneidman

The tenth annual Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus at the twenty-ninth Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association conference, Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM, February 14–17, 2007.

Area Co-chairs: Gary D. Burnett and Nicholas G. Meriwether.


Rebecca G. Adams. “The 1998 Furthur Festival Data: A Portrait of Deadheads AJD.”

Christina L. Allaback. “Unlimited Devotion: The Performance of Jamband Fans.”

Matthew C. Armstrong. “Cold Roses: A Skeleton Key to the Music of Ryan Adams.”

Barry Barnes. “Teaching with the Grateful Dead.”

Melinda Belleville. “The Fugitive in American Culture from ‘A Friend of the Devil’ to ‘Jack Straw’: A Story Told in Three Songs.”

David Bryan. “Grateful Dead Theology.”

Elizabeth Carroll. “‘Is Destruction Loving’s Twin?’ The Grateful Dead Pharmakon.”

Jacob A. Cohen. “Nomadic Musical Audiences: A Historical Precedent for the Grateful Dead.”

Jacob A. Cohen. “Jambands and Sonata Form.”

Christian Crumlish. “‘Please Forget You Knew My Name:’ Secretly Influenced by the Dead.”

Rick Dodgson. “From Soquel to San Jose: The First Acid Tests.”

Kent Elliott. “‘A Lie Breathed Through Silver’.”

Paul Gass. “Buddhism Through the Eyes of the Dead.”

Steven Gimbel. “‘Keep Your Day Job:’ Tie-Dyes, Veggie Burritos, and Adam Smith in the Parking Lot.”

Mary Goodenough. “‘In And Out of the Garden’: Sacred and Profane in Deaddom.”

Alan R. Lehman. “Quantifying Deadheads: Preliminary Results from Survey Data Collected in the Summer of 1994.”

Eric F. Levy. “‘Seven-Faced Marble-Eyed Transitory Dream Doll’: The Grateful Dead as Experimental Composers.”

Mark E. Mattson. “Human Error and Creative Variations in the Music of the Grateful Dead: ‘Here Comes Sunshine’ (1992–1995).”

Nicholas G. Meriwether. “Postmodern Material Culture and Accidental Folkloristics: Studying Deadhead Pipecraft.”

Chris Norden. “Before the Flood: Robert Hunter, Bob Dylan, and American Modernism.”

Barry Smolin. “Wyrd Folk/Freak Folk, Whatever You Want to Call It: The ‘Other’ Hippie Underground Breaks the Surface.”

Stanley J. Spector. “‘And the Music Played the Band’: The X-Factor, Merleau-Ponty and the Chiasm.”

James A. Tuedio. “All Ears, All Body: The Strange Attraction in Nonlinear Musical Embodiment.”

Elizabeth Yaeger. “My Band is Better Than Your Band: Inside America’s Jamband Scene.”

Jay Williams. “The Grateful Dead Meets the Mothers of Invention.”


Keynote Address

John Perry Barlow. “The Grateful Dead, Amateur Anthropology, and the Human Comedy.”


Roundtable Discussions

“Quantifying the Deadhead Experience.” Chair: Rebecca G. Adams. Panelists: Alan R. Lehman, Mark E. Mattson.

“Improvisation and Teaching with the Dead.” Chair: Barry Barnes. Panelists: James A. Tuedio, Rebecca G. Adams.