2009 Caucus

The twelfth annual meeting of the Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus at the thirty-first Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association conference, Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM, February 25–28, 2009.

Area Co-chairs: Nicholas G. Meriwether and Stanley J. Spector.

Conference Program (Free PDF Download)


Rebecca G. Adams. “The College Graduate and the Old Hippie: A Grateful Dead Folktale.”

Barry Barnes. “‘A Balanced Objective’: A Look Inside the Organization Behind the Grateful Dead.”

Melinda Belleville. “Help Along the Way: An Original Grateful Dead Folklore Tale.”

Graeme M. Boone. “Grateful Dead Mode Star.”

Alan Botts. “The Dead in the Nineties: A Reassessment.”

James Revell Carr. “‘Are You Kind?’ The Grateful Dead Folktale as Motif and Metaphor in the Deadhead Subculture.”

Natalie J. Dollar. “An Evolving Code: Deadhead Communication.”

David Gans. “Deep Inside ‘Dark Star’: Exploring the Grateful Dead Universe on Sirius XM.”

Many Goodenough. “‘Reaching for the Gold Ring’: Toward a Grateful Dead Mythology.”

Michael Grabscheid. “‘Coming Around, in a Circle’: Lessons from the Dead in Event Planning and Production.”

Joy Greenberg. “‘Between the Dawn and the Dark of Night’: Navigating Postmodern Nekyias with the Grateful Dead and Shadowfax.”

Stanley Krippner. “Psychedelics and the Grateful Dead: An Interview Study of Musicians and Creativity.”

Alan R. Lehman. “Old Data in New Bottles: Quantifying the 1994 Deadhead Experience.”

Lynda Lester. “Gnostic Collectivity and Transhuman Evolution: From Sri Aurobindo to the Grateful Dead.”

Eric F. Levy. “Exploring the Roots of Compliments of Garcia: A Guided Listening Session.”

Scott MacFarlane. “‘You Are the Eyes of the World’: From Consciousness Revolution to Global Consciousness.”

Mark E. Mattson. “Human Error and Creative Variations in the Music of the Grateful Dead: ‘Truckin’’ (1970–1995).”

Erin McCoy. “Prehistoric or Pre-Feminist? How the Grateful Dead’s American Beauty and Work­ingman’s Dead Contribute to Feminism.”

Nicholas G. Meriwether. “The Dead in Egypt, Thirty Year Later: Popular History and Public Memo­ry.”

Paul Paolucci. “‘Ain’t it Crazy’: The Grateful Dead, Deadheads, and the Jamband Scene as Socio­logical Phenomena.”

Julie Postel. “Mikel: An Unsung Link in the Unbroken Chain.”

Elizabeth Yeager Reece. “Understanding ‘IT’: The Materiality of Space in Limestone, Maine, August 2–3, 2003.”

Ryan K. Slesinger. “‘And Closed My Eyes To See’: Buddhist Resonances in the Lyrics of the Grateful Dead.”

Sandy Sohcot. “Grateful Giving: The Dead’s Model of Philanthropy.”

Stanley J. Spector. “What’s Become of the Method? The Transdisciplinary Nature of Grateful Dead Studies.”

Ginny Steel. “‘By the Waterside I Will Rest My Bones’: The UC Santa Cruz Grateful Dead Ar­chive.”

James A. Tuedio. “‘Pouring Its Light into Ashes’: Engaging the Theme of Becoming in Grateful Dead Songs.”

Jay Williams. “Contradictions in Bohemia: Improvisation, Universal Suffrage, and National Iden­tity.”


Roundtable Discussions

“Disseminating the Dead, Planning the Santa Cruz Symposium.” Chair: Michael Grabscheid. Panelists: Ginny Steel, Nicholas G. Meriwether.

“Exploring ‘Dark Star.’” Chair: Graeme M. Boone. Panelists: David Gans, Stanley J. Spector, James A. Tuedio.

“‘That Same Sweet Song Again’: The Grateful Dead in the Nineties.” Chair: Eric F. Levy. Panelists: Elizabeth Yeager, Alan Botts, Mary Goodenough.

“Transdisciplinary Methodology in Grateful Dead Studies.” Chair: Stanley J. Spector. Panelists: Stanley Krippner, Graeme M. Boone, Rebecca G. Adams.