2010 Meeting

Poster by Ken Schneidman

The thirteenth annual meeting of the Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus at the thirty-second Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association conference, Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, NM, February 10–13, 2010.

Area Co-chairs: Mark E. Mattson and Stanley J. Spector.


Kay Alexander. “How Did We Get from There to Here? An Informal Comparison of Antisocial Behavior Among Deadheads in the Show and Internet Eras.”

Barry Barnes. “High Performance Teams and Collaboration: The Grateful Dead as a Model for Twenty-First Century Organizations.”

Graeme M. Boone. “Grateful Dead Mode Star 2.”

Jacob A. Cohen. “Phish and the Grateful Dead: What a Long, Uncomfortable Relationship It’s Been.”

Natalie J. Dollar. “A Pedagogical Experiment: Using Cultural Communication Theory to Explore Musical Speech Communities and American Culture.”

Mara M. J. Egherman. “Not Fade Away: Uses for Fan Envelopes from the Grateful Dead Archive as Digital and Traditional Primary Research Sources.”

Mary Goodenough. “‘Since the End is Never Told’: Storytelling and the Legacy of the Grateful Dead.”

Joseph Jupille. “Fate Music: Jerry Garcia’s Musical Life Outside the Grateful Dead.”

Michael Kaler. “How the Grateful Dead Learned to Jam.”

Scott MacFarlane. “‘Grateful Dead I Have Known,’ Ed McClanahan’s Literary Gem: The Day Gonzo Journalism Turned on a Postmodern Love Light.”

Mark E. Mattson. “Human Error and Creative Variations in the Music of the Grateful Dead: ‘Days Between’ (1993–1995).”

Robert Margesson and Shawna Margesson. “Ann Coulter is a Deadhead? The Socio-Political Implications of Deadheadism.”

Gary McKinney and Robert G. Weiner. “Grateful Dead Fiction: A Process.”

Nicholas G. Meriwether. “Sunshine Daydreams and Haight Street Nightmares: Recent Deadhead Memoirs and the Changing Face of Literary and Archival Evidence.”

Julie Postel. “The Mikel Files, Part 2: 1980s Fan Communication, Artwork, and Publications.”

Ulrich Rois. “‘He’s Come to Take his Children Home’: Grateful Dead Lyrics in the Tradition of Walt Whitman’s American Bardic Poetry.”

Dennis Rothermel. “Four Fourfold Comparative Perspectives on The Grateful Dead Movie.”

Ryan Slesinger. “‘The Ship of the Sun is Drawn by the Grateful Dead’: The Myth of Osiris and the Dead in Egypt.”

Stanley J. Spector. “‘When it Seems Like the Night Will Last Forever’: Grateful Dead Music and the Eternal Recurrence of the Same.”

James A. Tuedio. “‘It All Rolls into One’: The Allure of Chaotic Synergy in Grateful Dead Improvisation and Musical Dialogue.”

Jeremy Vaughan. “The Grateful Dead and Whiteness: A Critical Race Theory Approach.”

Jay Williams. “Who Were the Grateful Dead? Individual and Collective Identity in Rock and Roll Theory.”