2010 Program

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The Thirteenth Annual Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus, 2010.

  • 6 x 9 in.  |  154 pp.


Editor’s Column

Conference Program

Welcome |  Mark E. Mattson and Stanley J. Spector


What’s Become of the Method? Grateful Dead Studies in a Post-Enlightenment Age  |  Stanley J. Spector

A Fire On the Mountain That Won’t Go Out: Magic, Memory, and Continuity in the Grateful Dead Phenomenon  |  Justin Jacobs

“And Closed My Eyes To See”: Buddhist Resonances in the Lyrics of the Grateful Dead  |  Ryan Slesinger

The Dead Play Egypt, Thirty Year Later: Memory, Myth, and Marketing |  Nicholas Meriwether

“You Toss the Map Away and Just Head Out”: An Interview With Bill Kreutzmann and Bob Bralove on Infrared Roses   |  David Gans

Dead Crazy Uncle: An Outtake from Growing Up Dead   |  Peter Conners

Big Sur   |  Robert M. Petersen

Hot Springs, Big Sur  |  Robert M. Petersen

More Alleys of the Heart: A Note on Robert M. Petersen’s Big Sur Poems   |  Nicholas Meriwether


Sunshine Daydream  |  Paul Paolucci

Confessions of a Deadhead  |  Steven Gimbel

Growing Up Dead  |  Christian Crumlish

Winterland 1973  |  Mike Dolgushkin

Road Trips Volume 2.2  |  Jacob A. Cohen

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