2012 Caucus

The fifteenth annual meeting of the Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus at the thirty-third Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association conference, Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM, February 8–11, 2012.

Area Chair: Nicholas G. Meriwether.


Kay Alexander. “Us and Them: Gazing at the Dead.”

Matthew C. Armstrong. “‘Trouble with You is the Trouble with Me’: Problems with the Pursuit of a Grateful Dead Tribute Band.”

Scott M. Auerbach. “Are You in Plato’s Cave, or at the Show?”

Jaime Baldovinos. “‘Dark Star,’ Creative Destruction, Silicon Valley, and the Grateful Dead.”

Helen Baldovinos. “The Grateful Dead and Classical Music: The Orchestration Project.”

Susan Balter-Reitz and Natalie J. Dollar. “‘You Decide If He Was Wise’: Decoding Authority in a Non-Authoritarian Community.”

Barry Barnes. “Everything I Know About Publishing I Learned From the Grateful Dead.”

Graeme M. Boone. “Mysticism and the Grateful Dead.”

Mary Goodenough. “The Music Never Stopped: A Transdisciplinarian Consideration of the Grateful Dead’s Influence on the Mighty River of American Music, Culture, and Identity.”

Michael Grabscheid. “Peak Performance: World-Class Athletes and the Grateful Dead.”

Howard Kramer. “Presenting the Dead Artifactually.”

Stanley Krippner. “An Interview with Mickey Hart.”

Heather Laurel. “The Grain of ‘Stella Blue’.”

Alan R. Lehman. “The Toodle Record: Early Grateful Dead Film Soundtrack Weirdness.”

Chaone Mallory. “‘Of All Possible Worlds, We Only Got One’: Grateful Dead, Eco-Consciousness, and Cultural Studies of the Environment.”

David Malvinni. “Tempo, Thematic, and Modal Discontinuities in ‘Dark Star’.”

Mark E. Mattson. “Human Error and Creative Variations in the Music of the Grateful Dead: Before and After the Teleprompter.”

Jordan McClain. “‘Like the Grateful Dead Before Them’: An Examination of Media Coverage Beyond Rolling Stone that Frames Phish in Relation to the Grateful Dead.”

Nicholas G. Meriwether. “The Growth of Dead Studies, from Orality to Text: Representing a Discourse, Documenting a Community.”

Clinton Mohs. “‘You Get Shown the Light in the Strangest of Places if You Look at It Right’: The Influence of the Lost Generation on Grateful Dead Lyrics.”

Shaugn O’Donnell. “Harmonic Relations in a 1973 Palindrome.”

Michael Parrish. “Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia, and Their Great American Songbook.” (Read by Nicholas G. Meriwether)

Julie Postel. “Surprise! The Grateful Dead had a Business Model and Some of Us are Following It.”

Timothy D. Ray. “Blog to Cover Just a Little More Ground: The Growth in Scholarly-Oriented Weblogs Devoted to the Grateful Dead.”

Peter Richardson. “Jerry Garcia and the San Francisco Renaissance.”

Dennis Rothermel. “There Is No One.”

Ryan Slesinger. “‘The Forces Tear Loose From the Axis’: Teaching the Dead through Geoffrey Sirc and the Pedagogy of the Happening.”

Stanley J. Spector. “Transportation as Transformation: What Bus, and Who’s Driving Anyway?”

James A. Tuedio. “Forces Torn Loose From the Axis: Collective Common Sense as a Strategic Factor in Successful Group Improvisation.”

Jeremy Vaughan. “‘Indians are Better than Cowboys’: The Grateful Dead and Native Americans.”

Rick Wallach. “Sublimated Sexual Anxiety in the Scoundrel Songs of the Grateful Dead.”

Jay Williams. “Caution! The Rhetoric of Warning in the Lyrics of the Dead.”


Roundtable Discussions

“‘Listenin’ For the Secret,’ A Guided Grateful Dead Listening Session.” Chair: David Gans. Panelists: Gary Burnett, David Malvinni, Nicholas G. Meriwether, Shaugn O’Donnell.

“The State of Deadhead Community Online, 2012.” Chair: Christian Crumlish. Panelists: Gary Burnett, David Gans, Natalie J. Dollar.