2014 Caucus

The seventeenth annual meeting of the Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus at the thirty-fourth Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association conference, Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM, February 20–23, 2014.

Area Chair: Nicholas G. Meriwether.


Rebecca Adams and Justin Harmon. “The Long Strange Trip Continues: Aging Deadheads.”

Kay Alexander. “Occupation: Deadhead.”

Matthew C. Armstrong. “All the Birds: The Story of an Album.”

Melvin Backstrom.“‘Sing Me Back Home’: Country Music and the Counterculture.”

Helen Baldovinos. “The Search for the Sound: Stylistic Development of the Grateful Dead, Culminating in the Orchestration Project.”

Jaime Baldovinos. “The Grateful Dead, God is Dead, Human Evolution, and Sturgeon’s More Than Human.”

Susan Balter-Reitz. “‘A Night Like Forever’: Examining Furthur’s Crisis Communication.”

Barry Barnes. “The So What Distribution Company, Inc.: The Story of the Genesis of Grateful Dead Records.”

Jeremy Berg. “OK Fine, We’ll Lecture: Protest and Social Commentary in the Lyrics of the Grateful Dead.”

Graeme M. Boone. “‘Dark Star’, 1973–1990.”

Gary Burnett. “Jerry’s Breakdown: Jerry Garcia, Banjo Player.”

Gary Burnett. “The San Francisco Poetry Renaissance and the Contexts of Petersen.”

Scott Carlson. “‘Our Love Won’t Fade Away’: Looking at the Jerry Garcia Memorial Collection.”

Beth Carroll. “What’s a Girl Like You Doing with Guys Like That? A Feminist Follows the Grateful Dead.”

Robert Cooperman. “The Storyteller Has No Choice: Poetry Inspired by the Dead.”

Christian Crumlish. “Plumbing the Deepest Channels: Giving voice to the Poems of Bobby Petersen.”

Scott Deetz. “‘Just Exactly Perfect’: Inspiration, Perfection, and the Contexts of the Grateful Dead Phenomenon.”

John R. Dwork. “Grateful Dead Recordings as Vehicles for Transcendent Experience.”

Brian Felix.“From Blues to Weirdness: The Evolving Roles of the Grateful Dead Keyboardists, 1965–1970.”

Paul Friedlander. “Leave Them Wanting More: Comparing Set List ‘Contours’ of the Grateful Dead with Rock Dinosaurs.”

Mary Goodenough. “‘Spring from Night into the Sun’: A Dancer’s Perspective.”

Steve Hurlburt and Jerry Sumrell. “The Victim and the Crime.”

Jesse Jarnow. “Ignoring Alien Orders: Deadheads Through Time.”

Jason Johnson. “‘Nine-Mile Skid, on a Ten Mile Ride’: Saving the Bus.”

Joe Jupille. “The Side Trips Social Network: A Reprise.”

Heather Laurel. “Towards a Classification System of Jam/Space Types in the Music of the Grateful Dead, Furthur, and Phish.”

William Andrew Lewis. “Relics of the Ritual: Grateful Dead Tape Culture in the Age of Technological Reproduction.”

Chaone Mallory and Steven Brown. “While the Music Played the Band: A Phenomenology of the Grateful Dead Concert Experience.”

Mark E. Mattson. “Human Error and Creative Variations in Jam Band Performances.”

Rosie McGee. “Remembering the Dead: Photographs and Memories.”

Nicholas G. Meriwether. “Unbroken Chain: Bobby Petersen’s Archival Legacy.”

Shaugn O’Donnell. “A Preliminary Taxonomy of Garcia’s Solos.”

Michael Parrish. “South Bay Folk Roots of the San Francisco Sound.”

Peter Richardson. “‘Every Silver Lining’: The Grateful Dead and ‘Touch of Grey’ in the Age of Reagan.”

Bethe Schoenfeld. “‘Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride’: Grateful Dead Subculture in Israeli Society, 2013.”

Stanley J. Spector. “‘If My Words Did Glow’: Grateful Dead Lyrics and the Apollinian-Dionysian Duality.”

Rhoney Stanley. “The Grateful Dead and Authentic Psychedelic Experience: Implications for Current Directions in Pharmaceutical Psychedelics.”

Mark Tursi. “‘With Thought Jewels Polished and Gleaming’: Euphoric Resolution and Poetic Undoing in Deadhead Culture and the Lyrics of Robert Hunter.”

Jon Walters. “Going Furthur: The Karma Wash, the Grateful Dead Phenomenon, and Next-Gen Pranksterism.”

Jay Williams. “Sherlock Holmes Investigates the Grateful Dead.”

Brent Wood. “‘Silver Apples in the Sun’: Bobby Petersen’s Lyrics for the Grateful Dead.”


Roundtable Discussions

“Raising the Dead, A Guided Listening Session.” Chair: David Gans. Panelists: Melvin Backstrom, Graeme M. Boone, Brian Felix, Heather Laurel.

“So Many Roads, Dead Studies, and the San Jose Conference.” Chair: Michael Parrish, San Jose State University. Panelists: Nicholas G. Meriwether, Michael Grabscheid.

“Teaching the Dead.Chair: Bob Trudeau. Panelists: Natalie Dollar, Pyra Intihar, Ryan Slesinger, Timothy D. Ray.

The Organizational Evolution of the Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus.” Chair: Barry Barnes. Panelists: Natalie Dollar, Ryan Slesinger, Jay Williams, Nicholas Meriwether, Robert Weiner.