2014 Program

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A Rare and Different Tune: The Seventeenth Annual Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus, 2014.

  • 6 x 9 in.  |  221 pp.

The 2014 Program was the most ambitious program to date, a full-length volume that presented the conference program in a larger context. After three years of making the conference program a section in a journal, this year’s program had a more unified structure and feel. It is presented here largely as it was first printed, with a few emendations.


Foreword  |  Peter Richardson


Introduction |  Nicholas G. Meriwether

Discoursing the Dead: The Seventeenth Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus




Reading the Dead: Listening to Bobby Petersen

The Horses   |  Robert M. Petersen

Shadow of Wind  |  Robert M. Petersen

Winter Blue  |  Robert M. Petersen

From the Well-Spring  |  Robert M. Petersen

“Sink like a Stone, Float like a Feather”: The Poetics of Bobby Petersen  |  Peter Conners

“Silver Apples in the Sun”: Bobby Petersen’s Grateful Dead Lyrics  |  Brent Wood

“Listening to the Secret”: Representing Bobby Petersen in the Grateful Dead Archive  |  Nicholas G. Meriwether

Writing the Dead: Deadhead Prose and Poetry

A Greek Theatre Initiation  |  Christian Crumlish

The Cake, the Cake  |  Neal Hellman

A Grateful Dead Poetry Cycle  |  Robert Cooperman

Critiquing the Dead: Reviews

Totentanz: Notes on Adès, Lesh, and the Grateful Dead  |  David Malvinni

May 1977: Peaking With the Dead  |  Mike Dolgushkin

Fridays at Phil’s: The First Year of Terrapin Crossroads  |  Michael Parrish

Dancing With the Dead  |  Steven Gimbel

U.S. Blues  |  Gary McKinney

Timbers of Fennario  |  Robert G. Weiner

“A Hundred Verses”: The Sixteenth Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus  |  Nicholas G. Meriwether


Four Visions of Bobby Petersen  |  Poetry by Peter Conners

Afterword  |  David Gans



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