2015 Caucus

The eighteenth annual meeting of the Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus at the thirty-fifth Southwest Popular/American Culture Association conference, Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM, February 11–14, 2015.

Area Chair: Nicholas G. Meriwether.


Jane Alden. “Dante, Berio, and the Bay Area Labyrinth, 1965.”

Kay Alexander. “‘All the Pages Are My Days’: What Can Principles of Torah and Talmud Study Contribute to Future Grateful Dead Scholarship.”

Helen Baldovinos. “The Music May Be Playing the Band but the Band is Playing the Hall: The Wall of Sound and the Grateful Dead.”

Jaime Baldovinos. “The Grateful Dead Show as the Mozart Theater for Madmen Only.”

Susan Balter-Reitz. “When the Story-Teller Speaks: Investigating Meta-Narratives about the Grateful Dead.”

Barry Barnes. “On the Road with the Dead: Video from the Scene at Red Rocks and Telluride 1987.”

Steven Brown. “Keeping the Music Out of Our Eyes: Grateful Dead Dance Culture(s) and Musical Interpretation, A Study in Embodimentality.”

Scott Deetz and Bob Trudeau. “What Does “Just Exactly Perfect” Mean for Deadheads: An Expanded Analysis.”

Katherine Factor. “Artistic License and Likeness of the Grateful Dead and Phish.”

Paul Friedlander. “More, Leave Them Wanting More: A Further Exploration into Grateful Dead Set Contours.”

Nicholas G. Meriwether. “‘Sorrow and Pearls’: Bobby Petersen’s Unpublished Chapbook and the Evolution of the Grateful Dead.”

Mary Goodenough. “‘It’s a Hand-Me Down’: Collective Improvisation and the Grateful Dead Phenomenon.”

Steve Hurlburt. “(Golden) Road Work Ahead: Merge.”

Jesse Jarnow. “A Preliminary Taxonomy of Deadhead Humor.”

Joe Jupille. “Clio’s Garcia.”

Chaone Mallory. “‘You’re My Woman’: Interrogating Gender in the Grateful Dead Through Narrative, Memoir, and as Participant/Observer.”

Mark Mattson. “Personal and Psychological Aesthetics of Transcendent Performances by the Grateful Dead and Related Bands.”

Rick Monture. “‘Through Other Eyes on Other Days’: The Grateful Dead in Iroquois Territory, 1969–1995.”

Sarah Moser. “Again Around the Ring: Timelessness, Revelation, and Sacred Wandering in Robert Hunter’s ‘Eagle Mall’ Suite.”

Anthony Neely. “What’s Shaking on Shakedown Street? Conceptualizing Parking Lots as Affinity Spaces in Jam Band Fan Culture.”

Ulf Olsson. “Crashes in Space: Aspects of Improvisation in the Grateful Dead.”

Timothy Ray. “The Last Great American Adventure.”

Dennis Rothermel. “So Far Within, So Far Beyond, So Far Everywhere in Between: So Far (1987).”

Bethe Schoenfeld and Robert Schoenfeld. “Why Are There So Many Religious Jewish Deadheads in Israel?”

Scott Warmuth. “Bob Dylan’s Secret Answer Record: The Uncle John Connection.”

Jay Williams. “Barry’s Question: The Beat in the Lyrics of the Grateful Dead.”


Roundtable Discussions

“‘Lent My Ears to Hear’: A Guided Grateful Dead Listening Session.” Chair: David Gans. Panelists: Barry Barnes, Graeme M. Boone, Jesse Jarnow, Mark E. Mattson.

“The Grateful Dead As Unseen Collaborator.” Chair: Susan Balter-Reitz. Panelists: Rhoney Stanley, Sandy Sohcot.


Special Session

Graeme Boone. “The Musical Construction and Expressive World of ‘Bird Song.’”