2015 Program

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Playing to the Tide: The Eighteenth Annual Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus, 2015.

  • 6 x 9 in.  |  121 pp.

This volume followed the format of the 2014 Program, framing the conference in a larger context that included articles derived from earlier conference papers along with reviews by Caucus participants. This was the last variation before the Program adopted its final format. This version includes a few emendations but is otherwise the same as the volume that was printed.


Editor’s Column  |  Nicholas G. Meriwether

Conference Program




Remembering Pigpen: Poetry and Pictures

Peace  |  Ron “Pigpen” McKernan

Remembering Pigpen: A Photographic Retrospective


“When the Secrets All Are Told”: On Joycean Epiphany in “Wharf Rat”  |  Eric F. Levy

Transportation as Transformation: Martin Buber, Relation, and Presence in the Grateful Dead  |  Stanley J. Spector

The Answer to the Atom Bomb, or What We Can Learn from The Grateful Dead Movie  |  Dennis Rothermel

A Song of My Own: Inspiration, Fellow Traveler, and Writing the Grateful Dead  |  James D. McCallister


Dave’s Picks 6: Thoughts on the History of Deadhead Tape Trading and the Politics of Archival Releases  |  Mike Dolgushkin

The Rhythm Devils Go Solo  |  Peter Lavezzoli


About the Caucus

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