2016 Meeting

The nineteenth annual meeting of the Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus at the thirty-fifth Southwest Popular/American Culture Association conference, Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM, February 10–13, 2016.

Area Chair: Nicholas G. Meriwether.


Mel Backstrom. “The Grateful Dead’s Blues for Allah: Musical and Political Explorations in mid-1970s America.”

Barry Barnes. “The Dead’s Business Reincarnation: Fare Thee Well and Dead & Company.”

Jeremy Berg. “A Century’s Only Partway There: Hundred Year Hall and the Evolution of the Live Album.”

Samuel Boerboom. “Performing Fandom Online: Show Talk, the Grateful Dead, and reddit.com.”

Graeme M. Boone. “McCoy Tyner and the Grateful Dead.”

Steve Brown. “The Acid Tests Turn Fifty: The Significance of the Merry Pranksters, Yesterday and Today.”

James Revell Carr. “‘You’re Afraid of Love’: Disliking the Grateful Dead.”

Jacob A. Cohen. “All the Years Combine: Issues of Historiography in the Periodization of the Grateful Dead.”

Natalie Dollar. “Steal Your Face as Cultural Scene of/for Remembrance.”

Ryan Dunham. “The Time Past Believing: How the Grateful Dead Tried to Find a Way to Take Their Children Home.”

Melissa Eder. “Sunshine Daydream: How Pop Art, Dystopia, New Jersey and Jerry Garcia Have Influenced an Artist’s Work.”

Philip Eliasoph. “Sunday in the Park with the Grateful Dead: Synaesthesia Twirled from ‘New Speedway Boogie’ to Art History’s Old Masters.”

Brian Felix. “You Can Never Tell: Understanding Grateful Dead Musical Eras Through the Keyboardists.”

Granville Ganter. “The Sound of Tradition.”

Ronald Grapsy. “One Man Gathers What Another Man Spills: The Myth of Deadhead Ideology.”

Heather Laurel. “Voice Leading and Text Setting in Two Garcia/Hunter Songs.”

David Malvinni. “Guitar Riffs in the Music of the Grateful Dead.”

Mark E. Mattson. “Performance Analysis of Some Rare Grateful Dead Songs.”

Joseph McCabe. “‘Think This Through with Me’: The Grateful Dead and Collective Consciousness.”

Andrew McGaan. “Jehovah’s Favorite Choir: The Grateful Dead and the Bible.”

Nicholas G. Meriwether, “The Attics of the Counterculture: Bobby Petersen’s Library and the Books of the Dead.”

Laura McClanathan Meriwether. “Bibliomancy on High Street: A Microhistory of the Dictionary Entry “Grateful Dead.”

Rick Monture. “‘The Only Good Indian, is a [Grateful] Dead Indian’? Indigeneity, Honor, and/or Erasure in the Land of the Dead.”

Michael Parrish. “The Rapid Early Evolution of the Grateful Dead: Twelve Bands in Six Years.”

Susan Peterson. “The Attics of My Life: Joy Within the Melancholic Lyrics of John Keats and the Grateful Dead.”

Richard Pettengill, “The Dead at Woodstock: A Fifteen-Year-Old Bears Witness.”

Timothy Ray. “‘Think This Through with Me’: Reflections on Teaching a Senior Seminar on the Grateful Dead to English Majors.”

Julie Roth. “Astrophil and Stella Blue: Love, Sidney, and the Grateful Dead.”

Dennis Rothermel. “Jerry Garcia’s Syn-Artistic Creativity.”

Bethe Schoenfeld and Robert Schoenfeld. “Grateful Dead Songs in Hebrew.”

Chrissy Sepulveda. “A New Generation of Hippies? An Ethnographic and Ethnomusicological Study of a 21st-Century American Counterculture Music Community.”

Brian J. Stone. “Re-Tellings and Rhetoric: Folklore, Myth, and the Grateful Dead.”

Ryan Slesinger. “‘The River Keep a-Talkin’: River Imagery in the Lyrics of the Grateful Dead.”

Kurt Torell. “Makin’ the Seen: Rock and Roll, Synesthesia, and the Grateful Dead.”

John Ward. “The Grateful Dead and the World Wide Web: A Long Strange Trip into Cyberspace.”

Jay Williams. “Beyond the Wow: The Grateful Dead and Jan Sawka, 1989.”

James Woglom. “Shakedown: Deadheads’ Relational Aesthetic Tachytopia.”

Brent Wood. “Death Don’t Have No Mercy: Garcia’s Redemptive Catharsis.”

Jan Wright. “Think This through with Me: Indexing the Dead.”

Sean Zwagerman. “‘Comedy is What We’re Really About’: The Grateful Dead in a Comic Frame.”


Roundtable Discussions

“Grateful Data.” Chair: Scott Carlson. Panelists: Jesse Jarnow, Jeremy Berg.

“Heads: Reconstructing the Hidden Histories of the Psychedelic Counterculture.” Chair: Jesse Jarnow. Panelists: Jeremy Berg, Nicholas Meriwether

“Ned Lagin and the Grateful Dead.” Chair: Melvin Backstrom. Panelists: David Gans, Jesse Jarnow.

“The Grateful Dead, Third Wave Feminism, and Changing Cultural Hegemony.” Chair: Rhoney Stanley. Panelists: Beth Carroll, Chaone Mallory.

“‘To Fill the Air’: A Grateful Dead Listening Session.” Chair: David Gans. Panelists: Barry Barnes, Graeme M. Boone, Jacob A. Cohen.