2019 Meeting

Poster by Richard Biffle

The twenty-second annual Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus at the thirty-seventh Southwest Popular/American Culture Association conference, Hyatt Regency, Albuquerque, NM, February 20–23, 2019.

Area Chair: Nicholas G. Meriwether.


Rebecca Adams. “Teaching the Grateful Dead Legacy Online.”

Matthew Armstrong. “‘Lay of the Ring”: An Interdisciplinary Exegesis and Performance of Robert Hunter’s Suite, ‘Eagle Mall’.”

Barry Barnes. “The Grateful Dead, Organizational Sustainability, and the Experience Economy.”

Jeremy Berg. “Turtles All the Way Down to the Tracks: What and Where is Terrapin Station?”

Beth Carroll. “Greatest Story Never Told.”

Christopher K. Coffman. “Ovid, Shakespeare, and the Grateful Dead.”

Robert Cooperman. “Saved By the Dead: A Grateful Dead Poetry Reading.”

Michael Crowley. “The Influence of Luciano Berio on the Grateful Dead’s Approach to Live Improvisation.”

Mike Dolgushkin. “The Grateful Dead, Summer 1968 to Winter 1969: What ReallyHappened?”

Brian Felix. “Tempo, Diet Pills, and Mythology on The Grateful Dead.”

Granville Ganter. “Just Right: Talking About Grateful Dead Music.”

Jesse Jarnow. “From the Eagle Mall to Terrapin Station: Unlocking the Mysteries of Robert Hunter’s Semi-Lost Novel, The Giant’s Harp.”

Randolph Jordan. “Multi-Channel Indiscretions: How the Original Theatrical Sound Mix on The Grateful Dead Movie Challenged Standards in the Representation of Live Music on Film.”

Arthur Kaufman. “From Shakespeare to Shakedown Street.”

Nicholas Meriwether. “The Barbed-Wire Whipping Party: Rethinking Aoxomoxoa.”

Michael Parrish. “‘New York, Got the Ways and Means’: New York City and the Grateful Dead.”

Susan Peterson. “‘It’s a Hand Me Down’: Percy Shelley’s Non-Violence Legacy in Grateful Dead Lyrics.”

Richard Pettengill. “A First-Time Taper’s Low-Tech Restoration of 4/8/71 Boston Music Hall.”

Timothy Ray. “‘Midnight on a Carousel Ride’: Kurt Vonnegut, Magical Realism, and the Grateful Dead.”

Julie Roth. “‘New Ones Coming As Old Ones Go’: The British Romantic Era Revival in the American 1960s.”

Dennis Rothermel. “Jerry Garcia’s Tribute to Paul Klee.”

Rhoney Stanley. “Denise Kaufman and the Enduring Counterculture: The Pranksters, the Ace of Cups, and the Commodification of the Sixties.”

Mark Tursi. “‘Like a Crazy Quilt Star Gown’: Psychedelic Surrealism and Surrendering to Madness.”

Rick Wallach. “Late Modernism in a Bourgeois Mode, or, Parody and Self-Subversion in Heaven Help the Fool: A Reappraisal.”

Jay Williams. “Animating the Grateful Dead.”


“Can You Hear the Acid Test? Aurality, Evidence, and the Traces of the Counterculture.” Chair: Hawk Semins. Panelists: Mike Dolgushkin, Nicholas Meriwether, Rhoney Stanley.

“From Aoxomoxoa to Woodstock: The Grateful Dead at Santa Rosa, June 28, 1969, A Guided Listening Session.” Chair: Hawk Semins. Panelists: Matthew Armstrong, Brian Felix, Michael Parrish.

Special Session

“‘A Song of My Own’: A Grateful Dead Poetry Reading.” Chair: Mary Goodenough. Reader: Bob Cooperman. Discussant: Jon Ney.