2020 Program

The Twenty-Third Annual Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus, 2020.


  • 6 x 9 in.  |  118 pp.


Chair’s Column: Robert Hunter, the Twenty-Third Caucus, and the DNA of Grateful Dead Studies |  Nicholas G. Meriwether

Foreword: A Lovely View of Heaven  |  Susan Balter-Reitz


Panel Abstracts

Presentation Abstracts


Special Section: Remembering Robert Hunter

Hunter Gathering  |  Alan Trist

Poems for Dead Heads  | Robert Hunter

On Robert Hunter’s Elegiac Verse  |  Christopher K. Coffman

Robert Hunter’s Poetry and Prose: A Preliminary Checklist | Christopher K. Coffman, Nicholas G. Meriwether, and Robert G. Weiner

Robert Hunter Beyond the Dead: An Annotated Listener’s Guide | Jesse Jarnow

Hunter’s Gold | Peter Conners

Ghost at the Engine for Robert Hunter | Brent Wood

About the Caucus

Area Chairs