Proceedings Vol. 1 (2021)

  • Proceedings of the First Annual Conference, 2021
  • 134 pages, 6 x 9 in.
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Editor’s Column: “Lights No Eye Can See”: The Hidden Grateful Dead pdf

Conference Program: Schedule, Abstracts, Presenters pdf

President’s Address: “Honest to the Point of Recklessness”: Talking About the Grateful Dead pdf
Nicholas G. Meriwether

Selected Papers

Dead Silence: Waiting for the Grateful Dead pdf
Ulf Olsson

Driving That Trane: Hegel and How John Coltrane Invited the Warlocks to Become the Grateful Dead pdf
Eduardo Duarte

Paratext, Context, and Collage in The Acid Test and the Grateful Dead’s First Album pdf
Jay Williams

Learning About the Dead: The Role of Secondary and College Education in Shaping Grateful Dead Experience pdf
Granville Ganter

Texts and Sources

Starship ‘Grateful Dead’: An Instruction Manual pdf
Robert Hunter

Robert Hunter’s Prose Debut: “Starship ‘Grateful Dead’” pdf
Christopher K. Coffman

Jerry Garcia on Improvisation: The On the Edge Interview pdf
Derek Bailey

When Jerry Garcia Met Derek Bailey pdf
Henry Kaiser

Notes on Jerry Garcia, Improvisation, and On the Edge pdf
Melvin J. Backstrom