Members of the Association are professional scholars in academe, education, libraries, and cultural heritage organizations. Members receive all Association publications, including the journal and conference proceedings, and are eligible to serve as officers, vote in elections, and participate in governance.

There are four categories of membership:

Regular Members

Regular members have all rights and privileges and receive print copies of the journal and proceedings. Dues for Regular Members are $65.00 per year.

Foreign members must be charged an additional mailing fee of $25.00 to cover the high cost of international mail.

Charter Members

Charter Members are Regular Members who joined the Association prior to January 1, 2022, and paid a one-time rate of $325 (five times the rate of Regular Members). This category honors founding members who provided additional support to help the Association in its organizational phase. This one-time, limited-term membership category is no longer available.

Lifetime Members

Lifetime Members pay a one-time fee that entitles them to print copies of all current and future publications from the time they join and full membership rights for their lifetime. Lifetime Members also receive a unique keepsake to honor their commitment and support. Memberships are not transferrable.

Institutional Members

Institutional members pay annual dues of $390 (six times the rate paid by Regular Members) and receive print copies of the journal and proceedings. Institutional members cannot vote or serve as officers.

Applications for membership must be unanimously approved by the Executive Council, whose decision is binding and final. The Council may, at their discretion, elect anyone to membership if the Council unanimously deems that individual’s contributions to the field of Grateful Dead studies and/or to the Association merit that status.

Membership applications may be found here.