Working Papers

The Grateful Dead Studies Working Papers Series provides authors with a peer-reviewed scholarly forum to share conference papers, talks, and other public presentations before more definitive published treatment is possible or is otherwise not planned.

Working Papers are designed to foster conversation and make research available, especially in areas where little work is available.

Before citation or quotation, readers should consult authors to ensure that a Working Paper has not been superseded by a subsequent, more definitive publication.

The Working Papers series is published occasionally, averaging one paper per year.

No. 1

Nathaniel R. Racine. “The Symbolic Landscape and Usable Past in the Lyrics of Robert Hunter.” (2022) PDF .

No. 2

Stanley J. Spector. “Let the Words Be Ours: Grateful Dead Lyric Poetry and Merleau-Ponty.” (2023) PDF

No. 3

Jason Robert Gallagher. “‘Listen to the Music Play’: The Grateful Dead as Artistic Inspiration.” (2024) PDF