The members listed here gave generously to help support the Association. We are most grateful for their support. While the Charter Membership category is now closed, the Association continues to enroll patrons who wish to become Life Members. For more information, please see Membership.

Life Members

Scott Deetz

Jim Giery

Andrew R. McGaan

Owsley Stanley Foundation

Charter Members

Established as a special, limited category of membership by the constitution, Charter Members joined before January 1, 2022, and contributed generously to help establish the Association. We are grateful to them for their support and patronage.

Rebecca Adams

Jeffrey Aulgur

Barry Barnes

Susan Balter-Reitz

Melinda Belleville

Gary Burnett

David Cohan

Natalie Dollar

Philip Eliasoph

Redbird Ferguson

Jeffrey Fernandez

Granville Ganter

Alan Lehman

Nicholas G. Meriwether

Rick Monture

Jon Ney

Joseph Noonan

Shaughn O’Donnell

David Oestreicher

Terrill Petri

Jeff Pincus

Julia Postel

Nathaniel R. Racine

Peter Richardson

Joseph Salem

Hawk Semins

Isaac Slone

Stan Spector

Starfinder Stanley

Kurt Torell

Robert Trudeau

Rick Wallach

Ron Waloff

Robert G. Weiner

Jay Williams

Brent Wood

Jan Wright