Proceedings Vol. 3 (2023)

  • Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference, 2023
  • 136 pages, 6 x 9 in.
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Editor’s Column: “Searchlight Casting”: Notes on the Third Annual Meeting pdf

Conference Program: Schedule, Abstracts, Presenters pdf

President’s Column

Fan Studies and the Grateful Dead pdf
Granville Ganter

Selected Papers

Covering the Dead: Rolling Stone, the Grateful Dead, and the Social Revolution pdf
Peter Richardson

Robert M. Petersen in Mexico: On His Own and Among Others pdf
Nathaniel R. Racine

Extraordinary Experiences: Listening to the Grateful Dead pdf
Michael Kaler

Texts and Sources

People: A Statement by the Grateful Dead pdf
Danny Rifkin and Harry Shearer

A Note on the Textual History of the Dead’s 1967 Statement pdf

When the Dead Were Political: The Raid on 710, the Law, and the Statement pdf
Andrew R. McGaan

Exigence, Dissociation, and Rhetorical Strategy in the Dead’s 1967 Statement pdf
Susan Balter-Reitz

When the Dead Fought the Law: The Grateful Dead’s 1967 Marijuana Arrest and its Legacies pdf
Nicholas G. Meriwether